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Directions from Paris to Cajarc (Le Verdier), France (fastest route).

Adres: Le Verdier, Le Pigeonnier, 46160, Cajarc, France.
Latitude: 44.517120
Longitude: 1.853630

Do you have a Tom Tom or other navigation equipment, first tap 'Cajarc' (otherwise you get 120 km further).
If you arrive in Cajarc tap 'Le Verdier' in your navigation equipment. (Distance should not exceed 6 km.)
The navigation equipment can ask Bass or Haut, but it is neither. Choose Haut.

From Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris north side) follow Ring Bordeaux. In Paris continue to follow direction
Bordeaux. It may be that your Navigation equipment send you through the inner ring center, which can also.

After Paris follow Orleans, Orleans to go to Toulouse. you get than cities like Chateauroux, Limoges, Brive.
(Part of it is National Route no Peage so, but it is just a four-lane highway).

After Brive get a small piece Peage and then take exit 56 Figeac/Decazeville. (Pay attention because if you
miss it you have to go to Cahors, a detour of 100km).

From exit 56 there is no longer a motorway.

Follow Figeac D 653

In Cambes (Figeac) you get a turn to the right direction Boussac (D48). Follow this direction Beduer/Grealou.
At the first T junction, where no direction sign says, turn right, Corn direction. Then follow fairly quickly
a turn to the left, direction Beduer/Grealou. You pass over the River Célé and through a very narrow bridge and
then briefly go through a tortuous ravine. For the ravine just honk to any oncoming traffic to warn

Follow this road until you reach a T junction between Beduer and Grealou, turn right onto the D19 towards Cajarc.

Follow the D 19 until after Gréalou, then you see the exit right Saint Chels and the sheep cheese farm La Hulotte.
Take this exit towards St. Chels. Follow the road and after about 2 km. the first left, there is a small sign Le Verdier.

Follow this road until you reach a crossroads with on your right bins. At the crossroad is a sign: 'Le Pigeonnier',
turn left. You drive 150 meters down and see to your right a hedge of fagots. At the end of this hedge is a gate
to the entrance of our parking lot. (right next to the entrance of Le Mas du Bois du Verdier).

Directions from Cajarc.

From Cajarc go direction Figeac/Gréalou. That is the D 19. You climb the hill and pass the 'dechetterie'.
Then you drive through to kilometer pole 61, not far beyond is a road to the left, where a small sign Le Verdier
indicated. You can easily overlook this. You see also the advertising sign Le Chant du Verdier, orange and white.
You go this road and follow this road. First you see a sign on the right Colombier Bass. There you go past it. Then you see
at your right a turn, but you continue straight, passing some houses (right) and exit Le Verdier Bass (left) and later
Le Chant du Verdier on your right. (our neighbors). Who are you passed until the first crossroad.
The bins are on the left and on the right you see the street Le Pigeonnier. You go right and you drive to
down and see on your right a hedge of fagots. At the end this hedge is a gate to the input of our parking lot. (right next to the entrance of Le Mas du Bois du Verdier).

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